Classic Iron: Volvo 242 GTC Turbo

I’d never even heard of the Volvo 242 GTC Turbo until earlier today, when the car popped up on the Volvo subreddit under the headline, “Unknown Volvo Prototype”. Nevertheless, here it is- in all its 1970’s, graphic decal wearing glory.

Visually, the car looks like the Volvo 262 Coup√© we covered here a few weeks ago– but there’s something to the inboard headlights and Volvo’s graphic treatment of the 242 GTC that gives it an early AMG vibe. You can watch the video, below, and decide what the 242 GTC reminds you of on your own. Don’t sweat the introduction, either- it picks up in English about a few seconds in.


Volvo 242 GTC Promo Video

Source | Images: Volvo, via Klassiker, Reddit.

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