Volvo Ads: Every Drop Counts

Back in 2011, Volvo’s commercial truck division launched a new ad campaign focused on the idea that Every Drop Counts in a bid to promote its new trucks’ emphasis on fuel economy and reducing environmental impact.

The message of the “Every Drop Counts” campaign was repeated by Volvo CEO Staffan Jufors, who explained that “lower fuel consumption is good for our customers and good for the environment, and that’s a message we want to make sure gets through” Jufors also pointed out that the overall range of measures includes major technical innovations such as hybrid technology and natural-gas engines – but it’s not just Volvo’s hardware that the new campaign is promoting.


Volvo | Every Drop Counts Ad

It’s usually the hardware that gets all the attention,” notes Jufors. “The hardware is of course important and we are very proud of the fact that we have what is possibly the most efficient truck on the market. What is more important, however, is that we have now adopted a holistic approach based on the customer’s operations, aiming for optimal energy usage and minimised environmental impact. It’s all about big and small steps in harmony.” Jufors goes on explain that this approach towards maximizing efficiency – not only in Volvo’s truck line but also in the trucks’ service departments and tire choices – could cut overall fuel consumption by 14%.

If that 14% turns out to be anything like true, fleet managers will be happy to add to Volvo’s recently surging profits by adding the Swedish automaker’s Scania-powered trucks to their line-up – which is good news for Volvo, and (potentially) good news for the environment, as well.

The company has launched a new website to promote the Every Drop Counts campaign, focusing on the 30% fuel savings from the Heavy Hybrid trucks and 7% from the company’s innovative “IShift” automatic transmissions.


Originally published by Gas 2, in 2011.

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