Volvo Pride // Chicago 2017

We just got back from Volvo Pride 2017- and it was a blast! Volvo Pride is a two-day event introducing Volvo sales and service staff from around the country to the newest Volvo models and processes. There were, of course, delicious meals at the meet and greet and opportunities to meet corporate staff and colleagues from other Volvo dealerships. But the star of the show this year was, of course, the all-new for 2018 Volvo XC60.

Driving the new-for-2018 XC60 around the busy streets of downtown Chicago for the first time was genuinely exciting. In dynamic mode, especially, the XC60 was able to dart through traffic in a convincing interpretation of a vehicle weighing hundreds of pounds less. Most of the credit for that trick comes down to the variable rate suspension and electric, speed-sensitive power steering. The rest of the credit belongs to the excellent, twin-charged T6 four-cylinder and its nearly instantaneous throttle response.

As a passenger in the rear of the new XC60, I was treated to comfortable seats and noticeably more shoulder room than I find in the first-gen XC60. The giant, panoramic moon roof goes a long way towards creating an open, airy feel as well.

Driving impressions can wait for another post, though. Volvo Pride was about really connecting with the brand, and learning how to communicate Volvo’s emphasis on advanced safety technology and putting people first to Volvo customers at our stores. We also got a chance to see some of the upcoming ads Volvo will be running for the new XC60. Hint: they’re out of this world!

You can get a sense of the Volvo Pride days’ events in the photo gallery, above. And, if you have a chance to go next year, you should definitely try to make the list.


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