400HP Mitsubishi-powered Volvo Amazon

Built by Brian Block, this track-ready Volvo Amazon’s Mituhishi-sourced engine is mated to a T5 manual transmission. Keeping things under control is a custom-fabricated 4-link and Panhard bar suspension equipped with Bilstein shocks and IPD sway bars. Wilwood 4-piston calipers peek out through WedsSport TC005 fitted with sticky Kumho track tires at each corner, too, ensuring whatever driver brave enough to toss this car will have a decent chance of bringing it home in one piece.

Block’s epic build caught the Speedhunters‘ eyes at GridLife 2016, where the car turned heads on and off the track. And, not long after, Matt Farah featured the car on his Smoking Tire video podcast getting Brian’s Amazon even more well-deserved attention.

The guys over at Speedhunters have a huge collection of pictures of Brian’s Amazon. I’ve picked a few of my favorites out and shared them here, but it’s worth heading over to the original article to check out the rest of them. You can also watch the Smoking Tire episode I mentioned, below, to see the car in action.


The Smoking Tire | 4G63-Swapped Volvo Amazon

Sources | More Photos: SpeedHunters, The Smoking Tire.

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