Volvo S60 Makes the Greatest Pass in Racing

Sure, he’s not driving for Volvo anymore, but Australian V8 super car driver Scott McLaughlin has a history of making incredibly brave passes stick. You can watch the incredible pass he put on the five-time series champion in his debut race here, but that wasn’t the greatest pass in racing.

The pass I’m talking about happened at the 2016 Gold Coast 600. Scotty overshoots the braking zone by what seems like a hundred feet, but he doesn’t crash. Instead, McLaughlin’s Volvo S60 somehow turns the coming crash into a screeching, tire-smoking, locked-up, balls-out move into an epic pass on the inside of Mark Winterbottom.

Enough talk. Watch the video, below, and see this epic Volvo pass on a Vauxhall Chevy SS for yourself.


Scott McLaughlin Volvo S60 Pass | Gold Coast 600

Source | Images: Dailymotion, Supercars.

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