Koenigsegg Designer Re-imagines the P1800

Back in 2009, Koenigsegg engineer and all-around petrol head Mattias Vöx began work on a modern re-imagining of the classic Volvo P1800. You can see the results of his hard work here- and they’re incredible!

To make his concept/art project as feasible to build as possible, Vöx developed a space frame chassis meant to house the classic Volvo/Yamaha V8 in a front-engine/rear wheel drive configuration. The V8, in Vöx’ fantasy, is tuned to 600 HP and mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. More than enough, in other words, to cash the checks being written by the concept’s sporty coachwork.

These renderings are from 2009, and I found this video (below) of the car very much in-progress from 2013, but the trail goes cold from there. If you know what happened to this epic build, definitely let me know! In the meantime, check out the video and let me know what you think of Mattias Vöx’ Volvo vision.


Mattias Vöx V8 P1800 Build | Circa 2013

Source | Images: MotorAuthority, via Jalopnik.

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