4 Year Old Girl Drives a Volvo FMX Truck

You know who’s tough on equipment? Four-year olds. Volvo knows this, and that’s why they recruited four-year old Sophie to take command of on of their FMX trucks and drive it around a little. After all, how much damage could one little girl actually do?

It turns out, she can do a whole bunch of damage. Damage to houses, damage to buildings, damage to just about anything- but not really to the truck. Through it all, in fact, the heavy-duty Volvo FMX just keeps on truckin’, (sorry)

This demonstration, which has Volvo outfitting its latest FMX with electronic controls so that Sophie can smash stuff up from the relative safety of a tall tower, was put together by Volvo in 2015 to promote the general toughness of its updated FMX diesel truck line. I hadn’t seen it before today, and- for what it’s worth- I’m impressed.

You can watch the official Volvo Trucks video, below. And, trust me, the hi-res photo gallery above doesn’t quite do the FMX justice- it’s an absolute beast!


Sophie and Volvo FMX Truck vs. the World

Source | Images: Volvo Trucks, via Your Cars.

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