For Sale: 680 HP Mid-engine V8 Volvo S60 Race Car

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I’m not gonna lie- I have no idea what this is. Near as I can tell, it’s loosely related to this concept drawing of a mid-engined Volvo S60 race car meant to compete in the Belgian Touring Car Championship- but it can’t be that. That car would have had a tick over 400 HP, while this one is packing 680.

That’s right, kids. Six-hundred and eighty horsepower. From a screaming V8. A screaming V8 bolted into an ultra lightweight, tube-framed, mid-engined, rear wheel drive Volvo S60.

This grisly beast is currently for sale at Autojunk in the Netherlands, and promises race-ready performance and plenty of on-track thrills to whoever is smart enough to snatch it up for the seemingly low price of 85,000 Euro. I promise, this Volvo race car cost a lot more to build than that!


Source | Images: AutoJunk.

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