Volvo 240 IMSA Race Car Concept by Ash Thorp

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Speedhunters’ Dino Carbonare and artist Ash Thorp like to play the “What if?” game. When they asked each “What if someone took an unassuming automotive platform … something a little left of field; a car that still appeals, but one that maybe nobody has yet gone crazy with, or has never applied a certain style to, and go with it?” “What if?” quickly became “Why not?”, and the IMSA Widebody Volvo 240GL race car concept you see here was born.

Keep in mind, it’s just a concept- but what a concept! Thorp went to the trouble of accurately modeling the Volvo 240 GL, then trying out a few different variations- different wheels, different wings and spoilers, and even different colors- on the look of the IMSA silhouette Volvo to get it “just right”.

I like the look I shared, up top, but I also kind of dig the Keith Haring-inspired “art car” livery he rendered, below. What do you guys think? Let me know, in the comments.


IMSA Widebody Volvo 240 GL Art Car Concept

Source | More Photos: Speedhunters.

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