Hoonigans Build a Safer Crazy Cart

What do you do with a worn out P2 Volvo V70 that can’t pass Cali’s stringent smog testing, anymore? If you’re the boys over at Hoonigan, you hack it in half with a plasma torch and build it into the world’s first full-sized, turbocharged crazy cart!

For the uninitiated, crazy carts are motorized scooters with a single drive wheel up front and a pair of cantilevered swivel casters at the rear. Under normal operation the casters rest at a sharp angle, unable to swivel. This allows the cart to handle and drive like an average go-cart. However, a hand-brake style lever allows the driver to pivot the rear casters to a vertical orientation, which is where things get crazy. Yanking the hand-brake allows the driver to use their momentum to swing the rear end of the cart out in the breeze, simulating a drift.


Razor Crazy Cart

While these carts are a blast to drive in standard trim, there is no denying how dangerous they can be. Open cockpit, poor restraint system, zero crash protection and you can’t even bring a passenger along for the ride. Who needs that!?

Thankfully, the diligent technicians at Hoonigan have safety as a primary concern. With a legendary Volvo crash cage, enough airbags to float a barge, a leather-appointed interior for two, and a puncture-proof fuel cell ratchet-strapped to the B-pillar, this sideways swede is sure to be the safest caster cart this side of Stockholm.

You can check out the four-part video series on the build, below, then let us know what you think of the thing in the comments section at the bottom of the page. ProTip: skip to the end and watch the Hoonigan boys shred some nausea-inducing axis spins while simultaneously making your vape-toting cousin rethink his Subaru STI purchase!


Volvo Drift Kart | Video Gallery

Sources | Images: HOONIGAN, Razor