16 Years, 0 Crash Fatalities for Volvo XC90

According to safety analysts at Thatcham Research, no driver or passenger involved in a motor vehicle accident has ever been killed in a Volvo XC90. That startling claim comes with some caveats, sure- the study was limited to the UK and parts of the EU, for example- but it remains a unique statistic.

At the heart of the XC90’s incredible safety record is Volvo technology. The BBC credits the Swedish company’s early adoption of active safety systems like City Safety and Automatic Emergency Braking with reducing both the number of accidents involving XC90s and with reducing their severity when the crash is unavoidable. What’s more, the authors of the Thatcham study called the Volvo-pioneered technology “the most significant development since the safety belt” in a tweet, yesterday.


All of this talk about crashing Volvos makes me hungry for some crash test videos- which are always fun when there’s a Volvo XC90 around! Check out these IIHS crash test videos from 2003 and 2006, respectively, and see how the Volvos from over a decade ago stood up to some of the side-impact and offset crash tests that are still giving other automakers a hard time, today. Enjoy!


Volvo Safety is Second to None

Sources | Images: Thatcham Research, via BBC News and Car Throttle.

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