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In the sprawling suburb Haninge, a thirty-minute commute from Sweden’s capital of Stockholm, Jennie Sundström fastens her safety belt, checks the children in the rear-view mirror and starts the engine. After dropping the kids off at school, she drives the fifteen kilometres north where she earns her living as a childcare worker.

Jennie is a soon-to-be mother of four, juggling her work, the children’s activities and household tasks on a daily basis. She also happens to be one of Sweden’s first Care by Volvo customers, driving a V40 with a diesel engine. “I really need to feel that I can rely on my car. I take my children to school, commute to work and shop groceries almost every day. Given how much I drive, I need to know that things will be taken care of if something should happen to my car,” she says. “With the limited time that I have, it feels good that everything about my car is hassle free.”

Thomas Andersson, Vice President Care by Volvo at Volvo Cars, said that simplifying customers’ lives is the core of the concept. “Our aim with Care by Volvo is to provide our customers with a transparent, premium car user experience. Time is a luxury for our customers, and with this service we are able to free up time in their daily lives. This is simply making life easier for our customers.”

Care by Volvo is a new way of having a car – instead of the traditional process of buying and owning the vehicle, customers pay a ready-negotiated monthly fee. The concept differs from private leasing in the sense that Care by Volvo offers extra services, such as fueling, cleaning, service pick-up and delivery of online purchases to the car. Customers are also able to temporarily switch to another car model if desired, and they can share their car with friends and family with a new digital key technology. Every two years, they are provided with a new car.

Emelie Öhrstig, Director Customer Experience & Retail, has been a part of the development team from the very start and is responsible for the concept at Volvo Cars Sweden. “Care by Volvo is an easy way to have a car, where the driver feels extra taken care of. We want to change the way people think with this new and exciting subscription service. Not only is it easy to have a car, but also to order it,” she explains. “We have made a promise to give back one week’s quality time per year to our customers, and this is an important step towards that promise.”

Sweden was the first market to have access to this concept, but it’s been available in the US since the launch of the all-new Volvo XC40 compact crossover. “It’s exciting to hear what our customers have to say. We need to be attentive – this shouldn’t just be working well for us as an organisation. Our concepts must be based on customers’ needs and behaviours, so if we find any weaknesses, whether they’re technical or conceptual, we should be adaptive,” says Karolina Wildheim, Customer Satisfaction Specialist at Volvo Cars Sweden.

Emelie Öhrstig concludes: “We have the ambition to reach new customer groups with Care by Volvo, such as the millennial generation. But other customer categories are interesting as well. We are creating a need customers might not be aware of yet. The automotive industry is very traditional and has worked in the same way for a very long time, but we can – and should – think outside the box.”


Care by Volvo | Easy as You Imagine

Source | Images: Volvo Global Stories.

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