Social Responsibility Pays Off in Chengdu

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In Chengdu, China, a successful collaboration between Volvo Cars and the Chengdu Technician College is a great example of the company’s social responsibility.

At the very core of Volvo Cars’ business lies a commitment to people and the world in which we live. It goes beyond the company’s operations and cars, and into society. One example of (our) approach to social responsibility is found in Chengdu in Western China. Here, Volvo Cars has established a partnership with the local vocational school Chengdu Technician College, a collaboration that falls under the Volvo Academy umbrella. Volvo Cars sees vocational schools like these as an important potential source for recruitment and cooperates with the school by providing training and equipment for special Volvo classrooms. For Volvo Cars, this is a way to play a positive role in society by helping young students to start their careers.

Chengjing Song is one of the graduates from the college now working at Volvo Cars. In 2013, she joined the company as an intern after a recruitment process at the school. “The collaboration gives graduating students new opportunities. I’m grateful to have been given this chance,” she says.

Chengjing was hired as an operator after her internship, and has during her four years with the company worked as Quality Assistant, TCF Shop Assistant and System Technician. “I enjoy learning new things, and as an employee Volvo has given me a lot of learning opportunities. I constantly improve myself.”

She believes that cooperating with the tech college is the right way to go for Volvo Cars. “I am part of a young team who all work hard. We have passion and dreams, and we can change ourselves through our own efforts – and I think Volvo Cars needs such staff,” she explains.

Andrea Huang, who is responsible for managing new recruits at Volvo Cars in Chengdu, thinks the collaboration is a good way of taking social responsibility. “We gain good results and valuable experiences from the cooperation. We are providing job opportunities to fresh graduates, and at the same time it is a very positive, reliable way to build a stable talent pool in the long run.”


Source | Images: Volvo Global Stories.

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