Remember That Volvo 242 / S60R Mashup?

A few weeks ago, I published an article about an incredible, S60 R-engined Volvo coupe that had popped up on the Bring a Trailer auction site. The unique car uutterly captured my imagination. I shared it with everyone here at the Autobarn Volvo Oak Park (my “9-5” home), and- to my genuine, happy surprise!- the owner loved it as much as I did. A few mouse-clicks and phone calls later, and it was official: the Volvo 242 R would be coming to Oak Park!

By happy coincidence, the car arrived here by transporter in the middle of our XC40 Launch / Customer Appreciation party (more on that, later). With some help from some fellow enthusiasts we were able to quickly wipe the car down and pull it into the showroom in a matter of minutes, so everyone there got a chance to see and hear this awesome unicorn.

I’ll be posting more photos and videos of the car in the coming weeks. For now, however, we’ll all have to settle for a few quick phone pictures from the party, below. Enjoy!


Volvo 242 R | On Display

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