1992 Volvo 240 Off-road Lands on Marketplace

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It seems like everyone has a Volvo 240 story, sure– but every now and then you get the feeling that it’s the 240 that has the stories to tell. Such is the case with this home-built Volvo off-roader that recently appeared on Facebook Marketplace. I mean, look at it!

Not a whole lot of information is given on the Marketplace listing. Still, I think it’s safe to say a few things about the car, based on what little there is. For one thing, it’s probably in Ohio, given the Ohio plates and the fact that it’s listed in Columbus (nothing gets past me!). For another, this old Volvo 240 is probably pretty reliable, given that the owner claims the car is “estimated to have like 400-490k (miles) on it”.

So, not quite a member of the 500,000 mile club– but almost there!

Given that this unique Volvo seems to be more than a little off-road capable in the photos and the seller’s relatively low $2160 asking price compared to other extreme custom Volvos, this may be the zombie apocalypse bug-out vehicle for you, yes? I’ve copied the text from the original listing, below, and invite you to check it out and let us know what you think of this homebuilt adventure mobile in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


    1992 Volvo – Columbus, OH

    Thinking about selling my 240
    Odometer stopped at 326k estimated to have like 400-490k on it
    Custom lift kit
    Runs and drives great
    welded diff
    Did 6 hours on the freeway no issues
    It’s a great off road rig
    Have a turbo kit for it as well
    Don’t need to sell it Less


Source | Images: Facebook Marketplace.

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