For Sale: Volvo 360 GLT Group A Racecar

It’s been a few weeks since we last featured the lightweight, rear drive, overseas-only Volvo 360 here on Volvojo- but we’re bringing it back in style with this awesome 360 GLT Group A Racecar that recently landed at the Race Cars Direct classified site.

This particular RHD car was originally shipped to Australia by Volvo to compete in the FIA’s Group A class of vehicles. According to the seller, the car was then run at a few events at Surfers Paradise International Raceway, back when IndyCar (or, CART, as it was called then) used to race there. It’s got a cool history, in other words, and even wears the same, period-correct Barson Computers livery it wore then.

Check out the original listing– which I’ve reprinted, below, in case the car sells and it disappears– then let me know what you think of this classic racing car in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


    Volvo 360 GLT Group A Racecar

    This car was original brought to Australia by Volvo. The car was used for several record atempts at Surfers Paradise Racetrack. The car was prepared by Mike Minear. Later the car was transferred to a complete Group A specification race car. Mike Minear raced the car in the ATCC. (you can find videos on you tube). This is a car with a lot of history.

    2.0 liter engine, straight cut gearbox, coil over suspension, special adjustable linkage. History race pass from Australia comes with the car. Right hand drive.


Source | More Photos: Race Cars Direct.

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