Doctor V is Your New Favorite Volvo Shop

The Tokyo Auto Salon is where the best and brightest Japanese tuners and customizers show off their latest and greatest builds. Last year, a small shop displaying under the name “VOLTS” showed off a pair of meticulously prepared, restored, and modded Volvo 240 woody wagons– or, ボルボワゴン. VOLTS caused quite a stir on Volvo forums, where they were called “maddeningly mysterious” after internet searches failed to shed light on who they were or what they were up to– but now we know. Meet the shop behind the VOLTS ボルボワゴン show cars: Doctor V.

Located in the Kanagawa prefecture, Doctor V is a one-stop shop for Volvo enthusiasts. In addition to selling clean used Volvos, the guys and gals offer vehicle inspections, regular maintenance, body repairs, customization, and- of course- customization options to their customers. And, for what it’s worth, they seem to be genuine Volvo enthusiasts, actively participating in local car rallies and the Volvo Owners’ Club with big smiles and appropriately goofy anime haircuts. What’s not to love!?

In fact, the only real reason I can think of to dislike Doctor V is that they came up with a much better name than I did. Volvojo? What the he(ck) is that!? I could be Doctor V– or, at least, I could’ve kept my mouth shut about these guys and also be Doctor V, right?

Check out a few of the photos of Doctor V’s shop and events, above, then let me know what you think of these guys and their VOLTS ボルボワゴン in the comments section at the bottom of the page. And, don’t lie– you know you’d love to have a Volvo shop like this near you, too! Enjoy!


Source | Images: AutoGuide, Doctor V.

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