Toy Cars: 1/43 Scale IPS Motorsport Volvo 240

This 1:43 scale model of Per Stureson’s IPS Motorsport Volvo 240 DTM racer showed up in the Volvo Model Cars Group last night. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, I was immediately smitten. As I should be- what’s not to love?

For the uninitiated readers under 40, this was the car that took Volvo to the company’s first DTM race win at Mainz-Finthen in Germany. Without this car and that win to prove to the executives that Volvo even could win, there would probably be no Group A 240s in 1986. No Nordica 240 likely means no iconic 850 wagon and, therefor, no way to convince Geely that touring car racing was almost as important to Volvo and its heritage as the brand’s stellar safety record.

Obviously, this wasn’t Volvo’s first successful racing car. Even so, it does represent one of the most important racing milestones in Volvo’s history and, as such, definitely deserves to be immortalized in die-cast metal and plastic. I mean, at least that, right?

If you’re still not convinced, you can watch this short video with Per Stureson, himself, talking about his touring car days with IPS Motorsport, below. Then, let me know what you think of the model car in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Per Stureson Talks Volvo 240 DTM

Sources | Images: Volvo Model Cars, Klassiker, via

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