1975 Volvo 242 Drift by Edward Blom

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Edward Blom is that rare customizer who understands that, while it is true that form should follow function- that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten, altogether. I never knew the man, but that much I know. As evidence, I present Mr. Blom’s incredible 1975 Volvo 242 drift build … feat your eyes, kids.

Blom’s 242 is painted in a simple, stunning red. The car sits low on German-made Azev Type A wheels that wrap around stock Volvo brakes– stock from the Turbo model, that is. Those bigger brakes are necessary, and still might not be enough. That’s because of what’s under the hood.

Lift the 242’s hood bonnet, and you’ll find a straight-six BMW M50 engine paired to a big Holset HX40 hair dryer. Power is sent to the rear wheels by an E36 M3 gearbox– one of the finest manual transmissions ever developed, if not the finest.

Yes, indeed- the car is a masterpiece. Sadly, however, there won’t be a sequel. That’s because Edward passed away shortly after the car was originally shot by Andi Gordon for Fueltopia. As I said, I never knew the man. I like to think, however, that I know class and style. And, when I look at Mr. Blom’s 1975 Volvo 242, I see both. The world is, no doubt, a darker place without him.

If anyone reading this knows what happened to Edward’s car– or if you just want to chime in on what an absolutely sikk build this Volvo 242 really is– leave us a comment at the bottom of the article. Otherwise, just do like me and gawk at this gorgeous car!


Edward Blom 1975 Volvo 242 | Speed Hunters

Source | More Photos: Fueltopia, Speed Hunters.

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