Video: Watch a Giant Volvo Hair Dryer Clear Snow Off Parked Cars

Getting around town during Chicago’s icy winters isn’t much of a challenge for our XC70 or new XC90, but we also have the benefit of being able to garage our cars when it gets really nasty out. For people who have to street-park their cars, life can be a bit more difficult. For car dealers and auto auctions who have dozens (if not hundreds) of cars to keep snow-free and mobile? Ice and snow can be a nightmare. That’s when the real pros strap a pair of jet engines to a Volvo excavator and get to work.

Yes, you read that correctly. The guys at State Line Auto Auction in upstate New York have hundreds of cars to clear ice and snow from, and the machine they use is exactly the kind of giant hair dryer I just described. You can watch it go from here …


… and get an up-close video of the same thing, here …

… which should help you wrap your brain around how the whole thing works. And, believe it or not, this method actually seems to be pretty gentle on the cars. At least, that’s what Paul Barber, who does this work for State Line, says. “The cars are in our care, custody and control so it would not be beneficial if it damaged them,” Barber explains. “We’ve blown one mirror off in four years.”

One mirror in four years!? Heck– I’ve done more damage than that backing out of my garage!

What do you guys think of this guy’s snow-blowing rig? Think it would do for your driveway? Let us know how you’d use something like this– or if you have more videos of it, in action!– in the comment section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: State Line Auto Auction, via Autoblog.

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