Powered by Saab: Urchfab 1953 Ford Rat Rod

Built by Matt and Dan Urch of Urchfab, the car you see here is almost a textbook definition of a Frankencar. It’s comprised of a 1953 Ford Popular shell that rides on a custom, stretched frame with hand-fabricated suspension components, and looks for all the world like an escapee from Area 51. The look is perfect. And, for our purposes, so is the power plant: a tuned, high-output, turbocharged Saab 2.0 liter.

“The car was built with zero budget and was constructed with parts that were laying around, donated or salvaged from the scrap yard,” Matt said, in an interview with KillFab. “I built the car to use as an advert for my business and I wanted something that would attract a lot of attention and look well out of place at the race track. It did both of those really well!”

You can see the wild, Saab-engined ’53 Ford in the photo gallery, above, and learn more about what it is– and the guys that built it!– in the video, below. If you get the chance, let me know how you think this build compares to other builds like the Mopar-engined Volvo Hemizon or Iron City Rainbow Gasser in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Urchfab Saab Turbo Powered Rat Rod

Source | More Images: Urchfab, via KillFab.

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