Volvo Polestar SLR Motorcycle Concept

The very idea of a Volvo motorcycle seems a bit, well– off. Doesn’t it? That the human-centric company best known for safety might indulge its creative whims by designing and building an ultra-fast, high-risk two wheeler seems ludicrously improbable, sure– but what if there was another way to apply Volvo’s Scandinavian aesthetic to a sporty bike? A way to tie in to Volvo without really tying in to Volvo, you know? That’s where Polestar comes in.

Polestar was Volvo’s go-fast racing division until it got spun off into its own brand to push ultra-fast electric sports cars based on Volvo Cars’ existing product platforms. It is, in other words, a perfect brand for the kind of bike that the thought experiment above might produce, don’t you think?

Industrial designer Arthur Martins certainly seems to think so, anyway. That’s what led him to design this slick, all-electric Lakester-style motorcycle– complete with a number of signature Volvo Polestar design cues. He’s posted his work on the Behance ID project site, along with the following comments. Take a look at it, then let us know what you think of his Polestar Salt Lake Runner (SLR) electric motorcycle concept in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


    S . A . L . T . L . A . K . E . R . U . N . N . E . R .

    This is one of those never ending projects you do on your spare time. Started off as a very simple form, inspired by Scandinavian minimalism with a more modern surfacing approach.

    (My) main goal was to keep only what is necessary for a salt lake racing. No steering enable and small suspension travel on this version. I also tried to keep a very simple footprint, connecting wheel and tires with a simple straight line.

    Street legal version is on the works and would feature all the requirements for it. Keep in mind, also, that this is a work in progress, and therefore some details may change along the way. I hope you guys enjoy this journey with me.

Source | Images: Arthur Martins, via Behance.

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