Polestar 1 KS Edition Lands on LEGO IDEAS

When EA launched Need for Speed Heat in 2019, the must-have car was a wildly modified version of Volvo’s already wildly powerful Polestar 1 hybrid electric sports coupe. Featuring widened and deeply sculpted bodywork rendered by renowned digital artist, Khyzyl Saleem, the fat-tired and bespoilered Polestar was the kind of car that was hard to forget … which is probably why one fan sought to immortalize the car in his own special medium: Lego bricks.

The 1452 piece Polestar 1 KS edition set is approximately 1:14 scale, according to the artist, who recently posted their KS Edition model onto the LEGO IDEAS site. That’s a site where Lego enthusiasts can submit their ideas to the company and, if they gain enough support, see their creations become “official” sets in the future.

You can check out the images and description, below– reproduced here in case they vanish from the official site, which you can visit by clicking here. Let us know if you pledged your support for the idea in the comments section, too. Enjoy!


Polestar 1 KS Edition | 1:14 Scale LEGO

    1452 piece set showcasing a 1:14 replica of the hero car from the latest EA Games Need for Speed title. The Polestar 1 is a hybrid car, but this variant was given the once over by legendary concept artist Khyzyl Saleem. Wide body kit, even wider wheels and tyres, and a very large wing make up just some of the Polestar’s eye-catching features.

    This kit itself was built as a custom commission for a good friend of mine, who loved the car in the game. being the hero car of the game and crowd favourite amongst most p[layers, the first few images I posted of the car gained a lot of interest from a lot of people.

    The set includes opening bonnet and boot which shows both the engine and the battery pack cables in the boot. The doors open to show the fully furnished interior, and the nitrous bottle atop the back seats. This would make a great LEGO set as it lets people build a car, but at its core, allow them to customize it and refine it further to make their own variation of what a modified Polestar 1 could be.

Source | Images: LEGO IDEAS.

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