Volvo 142S | the Perfect Platform for a Scandinavian Muscle Car

What makes a car a muscle car? What is it about a car like an E30 BMW that makes it a perennial classic with a cult following that something like a Dodge 600 from the same era just, well– doesn’t have? It’s a question that Petrolicious writer, Jonathan Harper, had, too, and it seems like he may have found his answer in the form of the ultra-clean 1968 Volvo 142S you see here.

The car, itself, is owned by Chris Persons, and it’s been fitted with the cleaner (IMO) grille from a ’73 model. That “less-cluttered” look of the ’73 grille appealed to Chris, who appreciates the simplicity of the 142. “In general, I go for minimalism in my car, furniture, and general design choices,” he told Petrolicious. “I’m guessing it has something to do with my mild OCD and how much I enjoy things to be well organized … I wanted a car that was simple to work on, and a car would be a good project for someone like me with limited mechanical experience. I had also been looking at Datsun 510s and BMW 2002s for such a purpose, but I wanted something more unique than the typical choices.”

Since buying the car, Chris has lowered it and made some room in the wheel wells to fit the new, more modern wheels and tires you see in the pictures. That’s not where he plans to stop, though. In addition to being a study, great-looking car, the RWD Volvo 142S also has a ton of room in the engine bay– and that’s one factor that led Chris to choose it as the basis for his ongoing “Scandinavian Muscle Car” build. “Time and space permitting, my plan is to fit a Ford 302 V8 in there somehow. And the rest of a Ford drivetrain as well. It’s something I’m adamant about doing myself, so it will inevitably take a while!”

I’d go with a Volvo-sourced B8444S for my build, but the Ford 302 is a classic choice, too. What do you guys think? 2JZ? Use the source link, below, to head over to the original article for more on the car– and lots more pictures!– then, come back here and let me know what you think of Chris’ Volvo 142S in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Source | Lots More Images: Petrolicious.

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