Krister Adeen and the 6 Second Volvo 850

Some of the greatest discoveries in the world happened completely by accident. Isaac Newton had an apple fall on his head, and revolutionized mathematics and astronomy. Louis Pasteur and Jules Francois Joubert drop some moldy bread crumbs into a sample of anthrax and invent antibiotics. Volvojo wastes an afternoon on the Turbobricks forum and finds Krister Adeen’s 6-second Volvo 850 racecar listed among the world’s fastest four-cylinder cars.

To be fair, that’s probably not a discovery on the level of, Newton or Pasteur– you got me. Still, I’d never heard of Adeen or seen his awesome blue 850 silhouette racer, before … and it really feels like I should have known about a Volvo 850 that could go from 0-200 MPH in less than seven seconds, you know?

I couldn’t find much about Krister’s build online (in English, anyway), but I did find out that his best pass was a 6.847 at more than 322 km/h on an engine described as a “Volvo-based MDS Rally Block, ‘Volvo’ 230 block with a Volvo 234 16V head.”

So, that’s something.

You can check out one of Krister Adeen’s 6.85 second passes in this video, below, then let us know what you think of this awesome Volvo 850 in the comments section at the bottom of the page. And, if you have more links, please share them!


Krister Adeen 6 Second Volvo | Video

Sources | Images: Ullis818, via Turbobricks, DragZine.

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