Read Rides: Turbojawns Classic Volvo 240

I don’t feature reader rides often enough here at Volvojo– and that’s my loss, because a lot of you guys have some awesome Volvos! Since the COVID-19 pandemic Coronapocalypse began, though, I’ve been spending more time reaching out to you guys and finding out more about some of the Volvos that have caught my eye– like this classic 240, owned by Volvospeed member Rich Gaudiosi.

It seems like I’m not the only one getting more productive during the social distance quarantine, either! I’ll let Rich speak for himself, here …

Quarantine wrench time for the Swedish fish! Some Kaplhenke Racing coilovers and brake line brackets, IPD sway bars (front and rear), and poly end link bushings, new ball joints and tie rod ends from FCP Euro, and some GT strut braces. She’s now sitting right, riding tight, and handling amazing! Couldn’t be happier– maybe some new wheels next? –Rich Gaudiosi

… I don’t know about you guys, but I think the car looks great, sits awesome, and I am an absolute sucker for roof baskets like that. To that end, I told Rich I’d post a link to his Instagram account in exchange for posting his pictures– more than happy to do that, buddy— so click that link and go check out his pics. Lots of great Swedish metal in there– enjoy!


Source | Images: Turbojawns, via Volvospeed.

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