Polestar 1K Electric Roborace Concept

Meet the Polestar 1K Roborace Concept. It’s designed to compete in the international Roborace series that, in case you’re not familiar with it, pits autonomous drive systems against each other in more-or-less identical hardware to see whose AI is best suited to high-speed driving in close quarters. The cars used in the series look absolutely wild– but this? This Polestar concept is something else entirely.

The Polestar 1K is a design project from Fabian Breës, a super-talented industrial designer with work at FRANK Industrial Design who has a portfolio of great-looking cars and bikes stored over at Behance. Fabian’s work is absolutely worth a look, so click here and check it out. We’ll wait until you get back.

He’s good, right? What makes this design project even more impressive is the way it’s been comprehensively thought out. Like, if Roborace eventually moved away from its AI-development-only model and started allowing teams (or AIs!) to start making changes to the physical car, itself, this is very, very likely the kind of thing that we might expect to see from Volvo or Polestar. Take a look at this illustrated explainer of all the different design features, and see if you’re not as impressed with the scope of Fabian Breës’ work on the Polestar 1K as I am.


Polestar 1K Roborace Concept Diagram

Maybe the most wild thing about this concept was how it came about. “It was drawn up for the #InktoberPolestarChallenge, October, 2019” explains Breës, on his Behance site. “The objective here was to doodle anything Polestar. 3D-design wasn’t allowed. Needless to say I failed that objective miserably.”

So, how’d he decide to design a Roboracer, instead of– say, an SUV or sportscar or even a “conventional” racecar? “While I deeply love the Polestar design language, I struggled to find a subject that made sense for this exercise. It seemed redundant to reproduce any version of the commercial car. I wasn’t going to create something in a few days that was going to match the original design, or even be interesting enough to warrant the effort. Therefore my goal was to attempt something radically different, and see if fun ideas would surface in that field … So, I built a Polestar Roboracer.”

Fabian takes you through his whole process, from rough sketches to models to the finished product you see here– and there’s more than that, even. You really get a sense of what Breës thinks is funny, too! It’s a great read, so go over to the Behance page in the source links, below, and take a look, then let us know what you think of the Polestar 1K concept in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Polestar 1K Roborace Concept | Photo Gallery

Source | More Sketches and Photos: Fabian Breës, via Behance.

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