Unnamed Koenigsegg Concept Car by RAW

Every once in a great while, we are confronted with a concept car that makes us say something along the lines of “Hot Fuck!” That’s pretty much how the iconic Lamborghini Countach got its name— “countach” being a Piedmontese exclamation supposedly uttered by the first person the car was shown– and it should be exactly how Koenigsegg eventually names this thing. Meet– well, it doesn’t have a name. It’s a concept by RAW Design House that was commissioned and sanctioned by the Swedish supercar kings at Koenigsegg— and it is absolutely awesome.

“RAW by Koenigsegg offers a new type of user experience as it can be used in both the real and the virtual world,” reads RAW’s Instagram captions. “The car allows its user an opportunity to experience its performance and influence its setup in either real life or digital states using already existing highly correlative racing simulators.”

The concept is a three-seater, featuring a central driving position with passengers on either side. That layout allows for the driver to be pushed far forward, and for air to be routed around him/her to feed the massive, massive aerodynamic diffuser at the rear of the car. The negative pressure produced there should be more than enough to keep the car steady and stable at speeds well in excess of 200 MPH– which it would be more than possible of achieving when and if it finally gets built, thanks to a 1300 HP Freevalve engine sourced from the Koenigsegg Agera.

And, before you dismiss this as just an art project, consider that RAW’s last concept for Koenigsegg is about to enter limited production as the Gemera– a.k.a. “the fastest four passenger GT ever built“. So, there’s that. You can check out the “official” photo gallery, above, then let me know what you think of this RAW Koenigsegg’s chances for production in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Images: RAW Design House, via Autoblog.

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