Tobias’ 1981 245 DL is a Super Street Classic

With its box-flared fenders, carbon-fiber hood, aggressively lowered stance, and mother-f***ing side exhaust (!?), it’s impossible to see Tobias Wasserman’s 1981 Volvo 245 DL and not stare. It’s a jaw-dropper– so much so that it ran in the now defunct Eurotuner magazine nearly ten years ago and again in Super Street earlier this year, looking gnarlier than ever.

The Race Wagon, as Tobias calls his 245 DL, was bout in 2003 as a winter beater for $800. “At the time I had a ’92 BMW M535i, but it wasn’t the best car on snow and ice. So, I bought the wagon from a buddy in good condition for its age … the following year it passed the Swedish Vehicle Inspection with a 170 HP 850 GLT motor as a ‘modified vehicle’ for private use. Shortly after, I lost control and the car began to evolve.”

I’m not sure “evolve” is the right word, but there are bits of other Volvos, an aftermarket Chinese turbo with an Audi wastegate, an intake from a P2 (?) Volvo S60, and even a throttle housing and oil pan from a 960. “I used as many modified Volvo parts as possible,” Tobias told Super Street, “such as the 850 GLT cams, V70 coils … two V40 radiator fans and a 940 alternator with my own mounting.”

Everywhere you look, there are parts from other cars used to create a desired outcome– and parts made by Tobias himself when nothing else out there would do. In the end, the effect is powerful, and looks like it costs many times more than what’s actually in there.

Of course, that’s just my take– what do you guys think? Follow the source link and see the much larger, high-res photo gallery over at Super Street, then come back here and tell us what you think of this tuner car classic in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | Lots More Photos: Super Street.

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