Classic Iron: Volvo Amazon vs. African Safari

Leroy Tulip says he didn’t choose this classic Volvo Amazon. “The car chose me,” he says of the car originally bought new by his father back in 1970– the same ’70 122S shown here, which has been dutifully trucking Tulip’s family anywhere they needed to go for the past fifty years. You read that right: fifty.

These days, Tulip does a lot less hauling his family around the South African desert and a lot more hauling ass with his friends at Speedweek SA. There, Tulip and his friends blast across the Hakskeenpan– a sort-of South African version of the Salt Flats— at speeds that this little Volvo was most assuredly never designed for. Which, frankly, sounds awesome! “I’m involved in the hot rod and ‘Kustom Kulture’ community in South Africa and also have a small collection,” Tulip says, in an interview with the guys at Petrolicious. “But my love is deep for this car. I love road tripping with her, but the best is driving her on Hakskeenpan.”

I mean, obviously? If you gave me a car like this I wouldn’t even let it cool down before driving it straight to Bonneville or Daytona Beach, is all I’m sayin’.

Enough about me, though– this is about Leroy and his incredible 122. You can read a bit more about it– and see lots more photos of it!– over at the original Petrolicius article by Michael Banovsky. Click here to check it out, then scroll down and let me know what you think of this South African Volvo Amazon in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Source | More Photos: Petrolicious.

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