2 Turbos, 2 Superchargers, 2 Engines, 2 Manuals … 1 HOT Volvo 850!

Colin Owen is a very sick dude. Mental, in fact. I say that because Owen, along with the rest of the crew over at Claymore Racing, have taken an otherwise innocent Volvo 850 wagon and stuffed its turbocharged engine bay with a massive intercooler and a supercharger for even more forced-induction goodness than any production Volvo of its era. Then, they cleared out the back end of the car and stuffed a second turbocharged and supercharged inline-5 there, too. (!)

It’s an absolutely wild build, sure– but it gets even wilder the longer you look at it. To me, the most impressive bit is the custom linkage that connects the front and rear manual transmissions to a single shift knob. Take a look for yourself, below.

Almost all the bits that weren’t fabricated in Claymore’s shop were 3D printed by Owen, and that includes some of the dual transmission shifter parts. The really crazy thing is that he’s been printing some of the under-the-hood bits, too. Most notably the MAF sensors, which he claims have held up well– even at track days!– without melting “too much”.


Colin Owen 3D Printed Parts

Really, there’s too much here to really take into account for in a few hundred words– just, trust me when I tell you that I know how much work goes into building something like this, and know that Colin has done quite a bit more than that.

So, take a bit of time to look at the build pictures, watch some of the YouTube videos, and sort of just take it in before you scroll down to the comments section to let me know what you think of Colin Owen’s incredible, twin-engine Volvo 850 track monster. Or– better yet!– head over to Claymore Racing’s Facebook page and let them what a great job they did turning everyone’s favorite long-roof Volvo into something that’s truly unique insane. Enjoy!


Source | Images: Retro-Rides, via Hot Cars and Engine Swap Depot.

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