Flat-bottom Sport Steering Wheel from HEICO Sportiv (w/ Video)

“Who wouldn’t want a product that you can use every day, that flatters your hands and looks good at the same time?” That’s the question posed by HEICO Sportiv‘s official copy promoting their new flat-bottomed sport wheel. It’s a good enough question, and one that– thankfully!– HEICO answers, “The exclusive HEICO SPORTIV sport steering wheel is such a product. It impresses with its perfect ergonomics, maximum quality impression and highest manufacturing precision.”

You expect high praise for a product from the people that make it, sure– but in HEICO’s case, it’s well-deserved pride. Their latest interior upgrade for SPA Volvo Cars is absolutely gorgeous, upholstered in a high-quality leather/Alcantara® combination with hand-stitched seams in either an anthracite/silver or anthracite/HEICO blue combination, complete with a 12 o’clock marker that would look instantly familiar to anyone who’s spent time in a touring car.

HEICO’s own PR says it best, though, writing that “these loving details increase the grip as well as the entry comfort and give the Scandinavian interior a sporty habitus.”

If you don’t want a sporty habitus in your Volvo, then you’re probably a terrible person. Don’t take my word for it, though– check out the video, below, and learn more about the work and time that goes into creating one of these d-shaped sport steering wheel upgrades. Once you’re done, scroll on down to the comments and let me know what you thought. Enjoy!


HEICO Sportiv | Creation Steering Wheel

Source | Images: HEICO Sportiv.

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