This Classic Volvo 244 Packs a Turbocharged, 2JZ Punch (w/ Video)

Take the most iconic Volvo sedan of a generation, flare the fenders, slam the suspension, stuff the engine bay with a turbocharged, Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine, and absolutely bathe the motorsports-inspired interior in brown leather and plaid. While you’re at it, throw in a bright white roll cage, a set of widened, 4th gen. Ford Mustang wheels, and paint it a dark Lusso Red. That’s the basic recipe at the core of Eemeli Vourela’s stanced, “Supraiser” 244– and, it somehow works!

The car was discovered by Speedhunter’s Vladimir Ljadov several years ago, when Eemeli was just getting started on the build. At this stage in the game, the car’s 3.0L 2JZ-GTE has been fitted with a Master Power MPR6164 turbocharger and all the supporting bolt-ons, including a Turbosmart ProGate wastegate, a large, front-mounted intercooler, and 1000cc injectors. Altogether, the Supraiser’s engine should be good for about 600 HP, with that power getting to ground through a lightweight flywheel and Sachs race clutch mated to a BMW GS6-37DZ gearbox. More than enough hardware goodness, in other words, to catch a few supercar drivers asleep at the lights.

And, sure– that airbag suspension doesn’t exactly help the car launch off the line or handle a road course particularly well … but that’s OK, too. Not every car has to pull 1.1 Gs in the corners, you know?

You can see a bit more of Eemeli’s build in the video, below. And, if you like what you see here, follow the source links to the original article and lots, lots more pictures of this awesome widebody 244. Finally, let me know what you think of Eemeli’s Supraiser in the comments at the bottom of the page– enjoy!


Supraiser’s 244 2JZ-GTE

Source | Lots More Photos: Eemeli Vourela, via Speedhunters.

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